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'Bleisure travel' on the rise in Canada, says Vision

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  •   10-08-2014  11:20 am
'Bleisure travel' on the rise in Canada, says Vision

The phenomenon of ‘bleisure travel,’ the practice of tacking on a few days of leisure on a business trip, is on the rise in Canada, according to Vision Travel.

A recent Google Travel Study found 57 per cent of U.S. business travellers plan to extend their trips for leisure, and Vision is confident that this trend will continue on to become the norm.

"It's an interesting shift," said Stephen Smith, Vice President Marketing & Communications for Vision. "While seasoned Canadian business travellers still prefer to do their business and head home, younger executives and more moderate business travellers are really taking the opportunity to get to know their destinations and soak in a bit of culture.

"Companies are starting to relax their corporate travel policies to accommodate these mini-vacations as a way to encourage more work/life balance," he added.

Vision Travel says most Canadian bleisure travellers extend their trips by one to two days, and often when travelling to longer-haul international destinations, particularly in Europe or Asia. Sports are also another motivator to extend a business trip, said Smith, adding that an opportunity such as taking in a game offers bleisure travellers another chance to interact with new business contacts.

Travel suppliers are offering promotions and loyalty programs aimed at converting business trips into leisure stays. Hyatt Hotels for example, offers a "Gold Passport" program giving frequent users exclusive benefits and free nights, said Vision.