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Amadeus to launch advanced travel retailing via NDC with United Airlines

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  •   07-19-2021  12:25 pm
  •   Pax Global Media
Amadeus to launch advanced travel retailing via NDC with United Airlines
Amadeus and United Airlines have renewed their distribution agreement.
Pax Global Media

Amadeus and United Airlines have renewed their distribution agreement that reinforces a commitment to modern retailing and enhances communication between the airline and travel sellers.

Included in the agreement is the addition of United’s New Distribution Capability (NDC)-enabled content which will be available to travel agencies and corporations globally later this year via the Amadeus Travel Platform.

NDC is enabling new possibilities for customers by offering more choice and tailored content, as well as bringing capabilities and services into more channels where travelers shop.

United will deliver ancillaries enabled by NDC, amenities with added customer benefits, and continuous pricing for NDC-enabled agencies booking travel on United flights. There will also be added service capabilities to automate interaction with the customer.

An important benefit

This agreement will provide a better shopping experience enabled by NDC, including real-time updates and notifications related to the customer’s record, which United has advocated for as a long-standing member of Amadeus’ NDC [X] program. Within this collaborative forum, United has been providing valuable feedback and assisting Amadeus to better display and distribute United’s content.

“This is a significant milestone for United to offer a better shopping, content and service experience for our customers through NDC,” said Glenn Hollister, Vice President of Sales Strategy and Effectivness  at United Airlines. “We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Amadeus to create a unique shopping experience with new, differentiated content bundles delivered through the Amadeus Travel Platform."

“This is an exciting time for Amadeus as United joins the roster of airline partners going live this year, with NDC-enabled offers and servicing through our vast travel seller network,” said Javier Laforgue, Executive Vice President, Airlines Distribution, Amadeus. “As the industry continues on the path to recovery from the pandemic, we see a bright future for enhanced travel retailing as NDC progresses toward global adoption."

The Amadeus Travel Platform is the backbone of multiple front-end solutions, including Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, Amadeus Travel API, and Amadeus’ self-booking and expense solution, all with cross-channel compatibility so travel sellers and buyers can easily shop, sell and service unique offers from United.

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