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Air Transat's latest issue of Atmosphere has a new look

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  •   11-08-2018  9:13 am
Air Transat's latest issue of Atmosphere has a new look

Air Transat has launched the latest issue of Atmosphere magazine. And with a revamped look and all‑new sections, ranging from Food & Drinks to Kids & Teens to Entertainment, it’s sure to pique the interest of readers seeking inflight entertainment and travel ideas.

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What's inside this issue

The Atmosphere team sheds some light on some funny Canadian myths by spending a few days in wintry Quebec City at its ice hotel and world’s largest winter festival, the Quebec Winter Carnival. Those who prefer their winter festivals sans snow and cold can discover some of the coolest in the world, from the otherworldly Día de los Muertos in Mexico to the zany Lemon Festival in France.

A new Kids & Teens section has been introduced, where young travellers can discover some of Santa’s lesser-known friends from different countries, goblins, witches and all.

A new partnership

And more fun awaits readers of all ages with the very first treasure hunt around the world. Air Transat and Geocaching HQ are partnering to send travellers on a scavenger hunt in Amsterdam, Florida and Richmond, B.C. At each of these destinations, Geocaching HQ has crafted GeoTours, customized tours that lead players to navigate to a series of geocaches, cleverly hidden containers, using their smartphones or GPS. 

Air Transat has hidden trackable stars in only ONE geocache per GeoTour. The goal is to find and move the star from geocache to geocache, across as many geocaches around the world as possible.

This issue of Atmosphere also has tips on how to snap amazing vacation photos and recipes of dishes whipped up with souvenirs from Tel Aviv and Cartagena.

The November 2018-April 2019 issue of Atmosphere is now available on board Air Transat flights. It can also be found online, along with past issues.