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Air Transat has a handy tool that lets you quickly check travel requirements

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  •   10-12-2021  9:28 am
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Air Transat has a handy tool that lets you quickly check travel requirements
Pax Global Media

Air Transat is continuing to improve its reference tools specifically designed for planning trips abroad.

While the easing of some travel restrictions and the many advances in vaccinations have made it possible to start planning vacations again, health and safety measures as well as entry requirements continue to change rapidly and vary widely from country to country. 

"It is still essential that travellers check the conditions of their itinerary regularly before departure to fully enjoy their stay," Air Transat said in a release on Tuesday (Oct. 12) 

To facilitate the process, Air Transat has added new reference tool to its Practical Guide, which will allow travellers to quickly consult the most recent information and travel requirements for destinations in Canada, the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe.

The interactive tool gives travellers instant access to the most up-to-date information, in complement to what’s already available on governments’ and aviation authorities’ websites, regarding screening tests, mandatory documentation, vaccination passports and possible quarantine. 

For more information, travel agents and their clients are invited to consult the Entry Requirements by Destination section of the Practical Guide.

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