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Air Canada plane en route to Toronto makes emergency landing in Madrid

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  •   02-03-2020  3:47 pm
Air Canada plane en route to Toronto makes emergency landing in Madrid

A Toronto-bound Air Canada plane made an emergency landing at Madrid's international airport on Monday after pilots reported an engine problem and tire rupture shortly after takeoff.

The Boeing 767-300 carrying 128 passengers and eight crew touched down safely after circling southeast of Adolfo Suarez-Barajas airport for four hours ``to use up fuel and lighten the aircraft for landing,'' Air Canada said.

The engine issue occurred shortly after takeoff in Madrid, the airline said in a statement. `"A tire also reportedly ruptured on take-off, one of 10 on this model of aircraft.''

"Our pilots are fully trained for this eventuality,'' Air Canada said in an email. ``Nonetheless, an emergency was declared in order to obtain landing priority.''

Spain's Defence Ministry said an F-18 fighter jet was dispatched from a military airport near the Spanish capital to evaluate the damage done to the landing gear of flight AC837.

A spokesman for Enaire, Spain's air navigation authority, said the plane's landing gear did not fold up properly after taking off and that a piece of it may have damaged part of one of the engines.

Earlier Monday, authorities Madrid's airport had suspended all landings and takeoffs for more than an hour after drones were seen in the area. Twenty-six flights had to be redirected to other airports.

Flight AC837 was scheduled to fly to Toronto Pearson Airport, where its arrival was more than seven hours late on Monday.

Source: The Canadian Press

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