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Air Canada makes eUpgrades easier, more rewarding for Aeroplan members

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  •   10-02-2020  10:32 am
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Air Canada makes eUpgrades easier, more rewarding for Aeroplan members
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Air Canada has unveiled improvements to eUpgrades in advance of the relaunch of its Aeroplan program on November 8th, 2020.  

These improvements will make it easier for Air Canada Status members to use their eUpgrade credits, while improving the value and consistency of this market-leading benefit.

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"We spoke with thousands of our most frequent flyers as we designed the transformed Aeroplan program, and we received feedback covering all aspects of the upgrade experience," said Mark Nasr, Vice President, Loyalty and eCommerce at Air Canada.  "We're excited to put those ideas into action ahead of the Aeroplan relaunch on November 8. With these changes, we're improving the value of eUpgrades, simplifying the program, and making it easier for our status members and their travel companions to enjoy a more comfortable trip."

The eUpgrade improvements include:

  • Simplified eUpgrade Request Process – Beginning Oct. 6, members or their travel agents can request upgrades when they book, or any time prior to check-in at or with Air Canada Reservations. When seats are available, members will clear automatically within their upgrade clearance window.
  • Simplified eUpgrade Requirements – Beginning Oct. 2, all Air Canada fare options will be eligible for eUpgrades, with the exception of Economy Basic fares. Plus, members will be able to upgrade all Aeroplan flight rewards. What's more, Air Canada has further simplified the eUpgrade requirements across its network, and in most cases reduced the credits and add-ons required for an upgrade.
  • eUpgrades for Companions – The transformed Aeroplan is built for families, with all-new features like Family Sharing and Status Pass. Our members told us how important it is to be able to share the experience of our premium cabins with their travel companions. With that in mind, beginning Nov. 8, when seats are available, upgrade requests for companions traveling in the same reservation will clear with the priority of the member's Altitude status – including at the airport.

These improvements to eUpgrades come in addition to Aeroplan Elite Status benefits already announced earlier this year:

Air Canada Altitude is becoming Aeroplan Elite Status

The transformed Aeroplan will continue to offer five Elite Status levels: Aeroplan 25K, 35K, 50K, 75K, and Super Elite. All of the most popular Elite Status benefits remain, along with some new, first-in-market features, including:

    • Priority Rewards – Elite Status Members can earn Priority Rewards vouchers entitling them to 50% off the price in points (excluding taxes, third-party fees, and where applicable, a partner booking fee) on eligible flight rewards with Air Canada and its airline partners. Members with Aeroplan 35K Status or higher will automatically receive Priority Rewards when the program launches in November.
    • Status Pass – Eligible Elite Status Members can share their benefits, such as priority boarding and lounge access, with friends and family members, even if they are not travelling together. Members with Aeroplan 50K Status or higher will automatically receive a Status Pass when the feature launches next March.
    • Everyday Status Qualification – Beginning next year, the Aeroplan points that members earn every day from eligible retail, travel, and Aeroplan credit card partners will help members reach Aeroplan 25K Status.

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