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Trevello & Uplift unveil "buy now, pay later" option to aspiring travel advisors

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  •   10-05-2023  10:25 am
  •   Pax Global Media
Trevello & Uplift unveil "buy now, pay later" option to aspiring travel advisors
From left: Zeina Gedeon, CEO at Trevello; Denise Heffron, managing director, Uplift Canada. (Supplied/Pax Global Media)
Pax Global Media

Trevello Travel Group has revealed a strategic partnership with flexible payment solution Uplift to revolutionize the journey for prospective travel advisors, making it easier for individuals to kickstart their own travel advisory businesses.

Trevello and Uplift are introducing a new approach to help qualifying candidates address the initial costs associated with launching their travel enterprises. 

This innovative initiative enables individuals to spread these expenses through manageable monthly installments, all without hidden fees or pre-payment penalties, underscoring Trevello's commitment to transparency and support. (Terms and conditions apply). 

This partnership brings the concept of "buy now, pay later" to aspiring travel advisors, allowing them to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams without the immediate financial burdens typically associated with starting a business. 

"We are thrilled about our collaboration with Uplift, which perfectly aligns with our mission to bring in more Travel Advisors into our industry," said Zeina Gedeon, CEO at Trevello, in a release. "We firmly believe that financial considerations should never stand in the way of passionate individuals pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams. With Uplift's support, we empower future Travel Advisors to embark on their journey confidently, knowing they have access to a flexible and transparent financial solution."

Denise Heffron, managing director of Uplift Canada, shared the excitement: "At Uplift, we're dedicated to turning travel dreams into reality, and it's a natural step to extend our support to aspiring travel advisors."

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