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Trevello named “Top Agent Partner - Q3” by Uplift

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  •   08-24-2022  10:36 am
  •   Pax Global Media
Trevello named “Top Agent Partner - Q3” by Uplift
From left: Zeina Gedeon, president & CEO, Trevello Travel Group; Denise Heffron, managing director, commercial, Uplift. (File photos)
Pax Global Media

The Trevello (formally TPI) network has been chosen as the “Top Agent Partner - Q3” by Uplift

Travel advisors Josephine Cruz and Jonathan Miguel bagged first and fourth place, respectively. Midway into the quarter, Trevello is seeing exponential growth in the Canadian market.

Trevello's partnership with Uplift and its novel payment programs has allowed travel advisors to offer flexible payment options to consumers. 

Upgrades and add-ons are now more accessible for clients, and because Uplift pays for the file in full at the time of booking, it reduces the burden on advisors to track deposits and final payments. 

This option also helps keep Trevello advisors competitive as this Buy Now Pay Later option increasingly gains traction. 

The excellent performance is a testament to "how effectively this program has worked for us," the company said. 

"We believe that innovation and personalization are the keys to travel recovery. Our travel advisors are some of the bests in the industry. We have also been actively training our travel advisors, so the company has a growth ecosystem. With our new brand strategy and partners like Uplift, there is more to come at Trevello," said Zeina Gedeon, president & CEO of Trevello Travel Group.

“Installment payments are a proven way to increase conversion and drive higher booking values,” said Denise Heffron, managing director, commercial of Uplift. “Our partnership with Trevello is important to us and we are thrilled with the agent engagement thus far for Q3. We are looking forward to doing even more business together." 

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