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Sustainability strategy: Trees4Travel teams up with Maritime Travel

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  •   01-27-2023  4:46 am
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Sustainability strategy: Trees4Travel teams up with Maritime Travel
Maritime Travel is providing their customers with an opportunity to rebalance their carbon footprint and plant trees. (Johannes Plenio/Unsplash)
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Environmental company Trees4Travel has announced a new partnership with Halifax-based Maritime Travel. 

The alliance allows Maritime Travel to provide their travelling customers with the opportunity to rebalance their carbon footprint, according to a release issued Thursday (Jan. 26). 

Using a link on the Maritime Travel website, customers will now be able to calculate the carbon impact of their trip and purchase trees to help compensate their travel. 

Maritime Travel says it will also plant an additional tree for every tree planted by their customers.

Fighting climate change 

Trees4Travel helps in the fight against climate change by growing trees in developing countries as you travel, also helping to restore eco-systems, biodiversity and supporting local communities through the dignity of employment. 

Every tree planted is also automatically connected to a United Nations renewable energy project, therefore doubling up on it’s promise, making travel planet and people positive.

“This partnership fits in very well with our overall sustainability strategy, which includes not only our own internal practices, but also offering customers options such as carbon-neutral adventure travel, and hybrid-electric-powered expedition cruising. Our agents are excited by this partnership and to be able to offer this opportunity to their clients," said Blair Jerrett, senior director of marketing at Maritime Travel. 

The collaboration with Trees4Travel is part of a larger effort by Maritime Travel to combat climate change, offering customers the chance to travel the world lightly, while learning about its ecology, gaining an appreciation for local cultures, and supporting local communities.

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