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TPI, TravelOnly, TTAND thank agents on Travel Agent Day

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  •   05-06-2020  9:32 am
  •   Pax Global Media
TPI, TravelOnly, TTAND thank agents on Travel Agent Day
From left (clockwise): the TravelOnly family; TTAND's Flemming Friisdahl; TPI's Zeina Gedeon. (Pax Global Media)
Pax Global Media

Canada's host agency community is showing travel advisors some big love on National Travel Agent Day (May 6th) through various campaigns and supportive messages. 

Travel professionals are typically celebrated throughout the entire month of May, which is what Travel Professionals International (TPI) recognizes in a special video that pays tribute to Canada's resilient travel advisors. 

The video tribute begins with a message from TPI's CEO, Zeina Gedeon.

"Dear colleagues," Gedeon begins, "As we celebrate Travel Agent Month, it occurred to me that I really don't know what to is such unprecedented times that all I can tell you, and all I want to tell you, is do not give up."

Following the remainder of Gedeon's heartfelt message, several other TPI team members take turns sharing messages of hope and encouragement to the travel agent community.

The executive team at TravelOnly is also joining in on the celebrations. 

In a message shared with its family of associates, the company said:  "We could not be prouder of how you have handled yourselves during the past few months. These have been exceedingly difficult times, yet you didn’t back down, and you didn’t wallow in defeat. You handled the chaos and uncertainty with kindness, commitment and compassion. All while spending many sleepless nights helping your clients cancel their vacations, and get home safely. You ministered to others in time of need, even though they couldn’t see yours. That is the kind of kindness that comes around the globe and back, if you only trust that it will."

The TravelOnly family photographed in January 2020. (Pax Global Media)

The message goes on to say: "You are professionals that showed your expertise in time of crisis. And because of you, the world now understands the true value and skill set of a travel advisor." 

TravelOnly added that "our business is our family." 

"This past year we celebrated together during our 45th anniversary in Las Vegas; we connected with hundreds of TravelOnly advisors across the country. This week we came together once again, as a family, to comfort each other in one of the most challenging times of our lives.  Thank you for being there for us, and for each other. We are extremely proud of you and all you have accomplished - and while there are still lots of bumps in the road ahead, we know we will get through this together. Keep up the amazing work – we look forward to seeing you soon!"

The Travel Agent Next Door (TTAND) has been releasing content all week in celebration of travel advisors.

The company began publishing videos on Monday (and will continue to post videos for every day this week) that show clients sharing testimonials in praise of their favourite TTAND agents.

There will be a total of five videos that acknowledge the work of TTAND advisors. 

"I am very proud to have the pleasure to work with some many amazing travel agent professionals,"  Flemming Friisdahl, founder of TTAND, wrote in a message on his Facebook page. Though today is Travel Agent Day: "I felt we should celebrate this for a week!" Friisdahl wrote. 

Flemming Friisdahl, founder of TTAND. (Pax Global Media)

The testimonials can be viewed on TTAND’s Vimeo channel here.

Also, on Travel Agent Day, the company released a cool video that charts the history of travel agents and presents how the trade has evolved with technology over the years.

It’s an interesting watch that not only honours the hard work of travel pros, but also shows just how far our industry has come! 

Watch it here

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