Sunday,  September 25, 2022  10:02 am

TICO warns of fraudulent bookings

TICO warns of fraudulent bookings

TICO is advising travel retailers and travel wholesalers about accepting bookings from an individual using the name “Elizabeth Goertzen,” following recent fraud incidents.

According to TICO, this person has been presenting herself as a travel agent and providing an altered copy of a TICO Registration Certificate to make bookings (online and over the telephone) using third party credit cards that are subsequently charged back. The contact information provided on the bookings is a fax number instead of a telephone number and the domain name on her email is

Reported incidents relate to air-only bookings (one-way and round trip) mainly between Columbia, Mexico, the U.S. and various other countries overseas. None of the air tickets originate in Ontario or Canada. All the transactions to date have been paid by a number of different MasterCard accounts.

TICO recommends that registrants be extremely cautious when accepting bookings. In the event of a suspicious booking, TICO recommends contacting the travel agency to confirm whether the travel agent attempting to make the booking is actually employed by that agency.

Any business which has been accepting bookings from this individual, or has discovered someone using TICO Registration Certificates inappropriately, is asked to contact TICO at 1-888-451-8426 or