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Summer school: Trevello kicks off product & supplier training series

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  •   07-07-2022  9:48 am
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Summer school: Trevello kicks off product & supplier training series
Zeina Gedeon, president & CEO of Trevello Travel Group (formally TPI). (Pax Global Media)
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For many, summer is a time to kick back and relax. But at Trevello (TPI's new name and identity), travel advisors are going back to school. 

This week kicks off a series of weekly product and supplier training sessions that will happen for the next eight weeks, giving Trevello advisors many opportunities to refresh their knowledge in prep for a busy fall season ahead.  

“Our advisors are always eager to enhance their skills and product knowledge”, said Zeina Gedeon, president & CEO of Trevello Travel Group. "During the shutdown, we had weekly sessions with partners. However, so much of that time was spent keeping up on health and safety protocols we thought the time was right to dive back into product updates to ensure that our Advisors were up to date to help their clients better." 

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Various partners are on board for the sessions, including Intrepid, Celebrity Cruises, Transat and G Adventures, and each partner will also have a special focus on their sustainability efforts.

Summer school sessions happen weekly on Thursdays at 3 p.m. (EDT)

Tech changes coming

TPI, in May, announced a corporate rebrand at their annual conference in Cancun to Trevello Travel Group strengthening their future of expansion in North America.

Trevello refers to someone who is a natural leader, independent, individualistic, extremely ambitious, original and courageous, Gedeon explained at the conference, which PAX covered exclusively

The rebrand is part of a long-term strategy that will see the host agency expand into the United States.

TPI is rebranding as Trevello Travel Group. (Pax Global Media)

“After what we went through over the last year, we had to evolve,” Gedeon told conference attendees in May. “We needed to make this change in order to reflect the new company we are and what you represent.”

The company will also be unveiling major changes to its technology platform and compensation model in the coming months. 

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As Gedeon told PAX in May, upgraded technology, including new partners and tools for advisors, will play a major part in the company’s overhaul over the next six months.

The changes will enhance the backend experience for advisors and make invoicing “much faster,” Gedeon said.

In regards to advisor compensation, “It has been the same for years and years and years,” Gedeon said. “Everybody follows everybody, giving a bit more here and there.”

On that point: “We’re doing a complete overhaul and coming out with something else,” she said.

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