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Markham, ON-based Jacco Tours closes; TICO outlines Comp. Fund procedure

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  •   08-11-2022  11:09 pm
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Markham, ON-based Jacco Tours closes; TICO outlines Comp. Fund procedure
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The Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) has announced that Markham, ON-based Jacco Tours Inc. has had its registration under the Ontario Travel Industry Act, 2002 revoked, effective July 14, 2022.

Jacco Tours operated as both a travel retailer and travel wholesaler with several branches across the Toronto area, and primarily sold tours to China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia.

“This travel agency and tour operator is no longer in business,” TICO wrote in a news release on Thursday (Aug. 11).

For Ontario travel agencies that booked clients on a tour through Jacco Tours, TICO has provided instructions on how to assist eligible clients with their claims against the Ontario Travel Industry Compensation Fund.

Consumers who purchased their travel services directly from Jacco Tours and who have not travelled and/or have future travel credits or an outstanding refund may request a claim form from TICO at 1-888-451-8426 or (905) 624-6241 or email tico@tico.ca.

Consumers who purchased Jacco Tours travel services through an Ontario-registered travel agency (other than Jacco Tours) and who have future travel credits or have not received a refund should contact their travel agent for information and assistance, TICO says. 

Consumers may also request a claim form from TICO against the Compensation Fund.

For those who purchased Jacco Tours travel services from a travel agency located outside of Ontario, there is, unfortunately, no provision under Ontario Regulation 26/05 of the Travel Industry Act, 2002 to claim on the Compensation Fund. 

“TICO can only recommend that you contact the travel agency you purchased from for further assistance,” the council said.

TICO notes that there is a legislated six-month filing deadline for claims on the Compensation Fund (The filing deadline date is Jan. 16, 2023). Claims received by TICO after the filing deadline date will not be valid.

Filing a claim against the Compensation Fund

The legislation requires claimants to explore all other possible options for reimbursement as part of the claims process, TICO says.

Claimants who paid by credit card and who were charged by Jacco Tours for their travel services not provided, are required to do the following:

Contact their credit card company and dispute the Jacco Tours charge and request a refund (credit/reversal of the charge on their account).

If for some reason the credit card company refuses a credit refund, you will be required to obtain a letter from the credit card company stating that a credit refund will not be provided.

The letter from the credit card company must be submitted with your claim against the Compensation Fund.

If one is unable to obtain a refund (chargeback) from your credit card company or obtain all the documentation required to substantiate your claim in a timely manner, he or she is required to submit a claim form to TICO prior to the filing deadline date.

Any additional documentation that is required to complete the claim can be sent to TICO when it is obtained.

TICO is available to provide clarification or answer questions. Contact tico@tico.ca for more. 

“We can review your circumstances and offer guidance on whether you may have an eligible claim against the Compensation Fund and whether your travel services are still available to be received,” TICO said.

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